Bike Recall, skewers and cam levers

Its worth noting that there is a large bike recall occurring at the moment. It is related to the quick release skewer and the possibility of the cam lever getting stuck in the disc brakes.

The details are here:

I found that Haro, the manufacturer of one of my bikes is involved so I checked the various skewers. I found that the Haro bike I own has a slightly different design skewer than the one involved in the recall. Here you can see that when it is open, the skewer cannot move back against the disc as it cannot open more than 180 degrees. This type is the split cam type with a plastic washer. Its essential that the washer is in the right place on this one when you tighten it or it can loosen.

skewer1    skewer2   

I think its a good idea to check these things when manufacturers do a recall, so I inspected the rest of the bikes. Three had that type of quick release, but the 4th, a Rocky Mountain had the type of skewer and cam lever that is implicated in the recall.

Here are a couple of images. You can see the lever that is part of the Cam is to the side, and rotates beyond 180 degrees… indeed it could protrude towards the disc.

skewer3  skewer4   

It so happened that I had assembled this bike, and I’d always worried that the levers might catch on something , so I had pointed them back and parallel to the ground. During that process I had installed the lever on the opposite side to the disc. Not sure if it makes a difference but it does mean that it could not have hit the brake. I checked the distance and it had the requisite clearance anyway.  For now I’ll leave it on the opposite side and I’ll get a replacement eventually.

So its worth checking all the bikes in your collection as even if not named in the recall they may have an offending skewer/lever. The issue is not just with new bikes so expect to see more recalls as other manufacturers catch up. Safety first is a good policy here so remember to follow the instructions for replacing the skewer or take it to a bike shop if you are not confident in doing this right.

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