N-Gauge Loco Pictures

Thought that I would try some pictures with and without macro. Both taken with an iPhone6.

The subject is a Fleischman 1/160 scale n-gauge model train.

n-gauge loco
n-gauge loco
n-gauge loco closeup
n-gauge loco closeup

Lighting is a pair of LED household lights from Ikea and some reflective foil surrounding the subject. The iPhone is not using flash and not in HDR mode. The second picture uses a clip on macro lens on the iPhone to look at the front driving mechanism. Time for me to clean the track I think as you can see tiny pieces of lint that the wheels have picked up. These were taken freehand… they would probably be better if I clamped the phone. Still I am pretty happy with what can be achieved with not much prep on a phone camera.

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