More Dehydration

We’ve really enjoyed the dehydrated food we have made, but the oven is not that energy efficient and you have to keep an eye on it…. we don’t like leaving the oven running overnight and the temperature is a bit tricky to keep constant at the low levels needed for dehydration. So we’ve taken the step of buying a real dehydrator.

We looked at a lot of reviews with the following criteria; works well at the primary job of dehydrating; can dehydrator a large quantity; not too much counter space taken up; inbuilt fan, temperature control and timer; a reasonable price; and we came up with the following unit which so far has really impressed us. Here it is at the manufacturer’s site.  Klarstein Dehydrator



The unit takes 6 trays in a stack. You can adjust them for 2 thicknesses of food easily just by rotating them, and it comes with a fine mesh insert for small foods like berries. It has a timer and temperature control. The heater is at the bottom and there is a fan for circulating the air.

Here it is in action with some fruit. As you can see we are using 3 of the 6 possible trays which is another advantage of this design. Its also rectangular which is efficient on the counter space and for storage, whereas there were several round ones we looked at that were less easy to store.

dehydrator4 dehydrator3

So far it seems great. You can adjust the order of the trays easy to compensate for different speeds of drying and the timer and temperature control mean we can set it running overnight.


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