Cornish Pasties

Now we’ve made some pastry we are going to use it to make Cornish pasties. These are a great traveling food. They are a complete portable meal and originated as a convenient way for farm workers and miners to carry a wholesome meal for the day. The pastry edge is used to hold the pie.

You can read about their origin here at the Cornish pasty association.

A pasty is basically a kind of pie where the ingredients are wrapped up in an easy to hold way. There are lots of possible ingredients. Today I will make meat pasties and cheese and onion pasties.

The pastry from before is enough to make 4 large and 4 small pasties. you can prep while the pastry dough is cooling in the fridge.

First start browning the meat. Here I have 1kg of minced beef. You can also use cubes of meat and chopped potato.


While that is cooking, chop the vegetables. Here are 4 onions with the one powered kitchen tool I use, the fantastic Bosch Ergomix 750 chopper.

I also finely shred potatoes and carrots to add to the mix. Pretty much anything can go in.


And some cheese blocks.


I added half the onion and shredded potatoes to the meat with some seasoning.


And separately sauteed more onion and potatoes for the cheese and onion pasties. Then I added some crushed tomatoes to the meat. You can also add flavourings like curry powder and chili.


Now lets use the pastry. It needs to have been out of the fridge for half an hour so it is pliable. We’ll need an egg to make it stick when we seal the pasty.



Roll it to less than 1/4 inch.. you will need some flour to stop it sticking to the roller and surface. Pictured is one quarter of the doubled pastry recipe.


Don’t worry if it tears… worst case you can reform it into a ball and start again. Next use a guide to cut it into a circle.


Then add the filling. You can add flavourings before you fill. I like to add Thai Chili, Indian Curry, or Brown Sauce.


Brush the edge with the egg… and fold over.


Then crimp it shut with your fingers. You can make a nice fancy crimped edge if you get good at this. I tend to overload the pasty with too much filling … try not to do that as it makes the pie difficult to seal.


I take the remaining pastry, form it back into a ball and make another  one.


Here is the Potato and Onion mix with some cheese added.


Poke a hole in the top to let steam escape.. here I made a different shape with the crimp in the top as well. Ready to go on an oven tray on some parchment (baking) paper.


Put in the oven at 220C for about 10 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 180C for the next 20 minutes. And you get delicious pasties.


They freeze well. The large ones make a good meal for 2 at lunch.

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