Replacing a Zipper pull

I’m a fan of trying to repair stuff as it can really prolong the value. Too often in this day and age people throw out perfectly good stuff that can be fixed with a little bit of patience. The zipper on one of my favorite fleeces failed and I could not do it up or remove it… a repair was pretty simple and a fraction of the price of  taking it in to be fixed. This fleece has a plastic zipper so I could not remove teeth to get the slider off (with metal teeth you can replace the slider by removing a tooth and then re-attaching it). As you can see the pull had worn through and it kept coming off the slider.


First I removed the broken part. Then I made a replacement from 1.5mm copper wire (16-14AWG). I formed this into a rectangular shape with an overlap using needle nose pliers.


Then put this through the hole in the slider and closed the loop. (oops forgot to take a picture before I soldered it). I own a soldering iron so I joined the wire with solder (being careful to keep the heat from the zipper and fleece by using the pliers as a heatsink), but epoxy glue will work just as well. File the ends to keep them smooth so they don’t snag.


and now it works just like new.


You can do the same with a paper clip (although copper will wear well as it is ductile and was easy to join)